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I'm not going to sell you any hype.

Hi Warrior,

I'm not going to sell you any hype.

Only the truth.


The truth is our culture has a problem.

In the coming days, there will be an endless onslaught of products to get you to throw all kinds of money away on all types of stuff that will end up in a garbage heap burning somewhere off in the distance.

Meanwhile, you'll still only have your brain and your own body.

And both be another year older.

I want to give you a way to transform it into something unique, with abilities you never thought possible, as many of our students tell us.

And that lasts a lifetime.

Unfortunately, only a fraction of the population wants actual value.

Not trying to hurt anyone's feelings, but 80-90% of the population lives with weight issues, back pain, and inability to move as they want, WITHOUT the ability…

--as just one example--to…

Do handstands on demand from any angle without warming up (good joint health, weight, and core strength)

Or to play with their kids, another example. Etc. Etc.

Ready for more TRUTH?

80-90% of people really want something EASY, CHEAP, another gadget, piece of wearable tech, or program ending in a $XX7 that can collect dust…

And when they get IT, i.e., that "gift" or "new toy," it becomes just another excuse they can use as a "reason" they still haven't achieved what they truly desired all along. I've made that mistake in the past too.

The PROBLEM: our culture is consumerist.

You'll see all these people posting all these Instagram videos making everything look so easy, so slick. The entire population can do it because there's so much content, or is there? And it's as easy as getting a subscription to a program, or is it?

But in reality, it's a small, tiny percentage of the population, making it appear easy to the point that the culture is oversaturated and of course, all you then need to do is buy another "thing" so you can do it too.

On the other hand, 5-10% of people will "get it" and take action.

I genuinely hope that's you.

The reason for this post is simple: to encourage you amid all the Black Friday consumerism (which happens throughout the rest of the year, for that matter) to truly INVEST in yourself, your training, and your health (that's the antithesis of consumerism, trustworthy, patient, delayed-gratification investment).

And if you're in that place where you're just ready to do it…

Then I'll tell my team to give you huge savings while on the call between now and Black Friday or Cyber Monday or whatever made-up date comes next.

So STOP dabbling. STOP looking for cheap, easy solutions. STOP trying to download the next fitness app, course, or gadget of the MILLIONS out there.

In other words, STOP trying to take shortcuts.

And start goal-oriented, customized training. Please get what you need, be it with us or otherwise.

Again, if you're ready, willing, and able, I'll tell my team to give you huge savings for enrolling BEFORE Black Friday.

That's it. Be inspired. Be motivated. Keep moving forward!

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