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I'm willing to bet you're selling yourself short.

Hey warrior,

I'm willing to bet you're selling yourself short.

If you're like most people in the industry, you're doing this because you care about making people's lives better- but you want to have a successful career simultaneously.

Just because you've brought so much heart to what you do means you have much more to offer than just a workout. You have a unique story that caused you to arrive where you are and decide to open your business.

But the problem may be that your audience needs to learn that reason- whether you realize it or not, it's THAT REASON that they're buying- not what kind of workout you offer. People fall in love with WHO YOU ARE- not what you do.

If you are currently marketing your workouts rather than your unique perspective on fitness and what you believe it can do to make someone's life better, then your brand needs a reboot!

It's a matter of making the same shift that Steve Jobs did.

Early on, Steve tried to sell early apple computers by listing all of the great reasons and info behind why they were so amazing. It didn't work. Despite the awe-inspiring capabilities of the computers, he only sold a few.

After leaving Apple to begin working to build Pixar, he realized that he wasn't selling a computer; he was selling a story about what he believed and how that could make people's lives better.

He believed that "the individuals that are totally crazy enough to think they can definitely change the world are the ones that do." As a result, he showed people in his audience who identified as "crazy ones" change the world by using an apple computer as a tool to help them on their way.

You also have a story about why you do what you do and believe you will change someone's life.

I want to help you let it loose- so you can more clearly communicate your value and worth as a brand to the people that need you the most.

The crazy part is, I'm offering to help you let it loose in just ONE DAY.

I call it a Warrior VIP day. It's just you and me—one day. And you walk away with a powerful brand story and marketing strategy that's based on why you do what you do- not what you offer so your audience feels a connection with your purpose and how you can help them when you speak to them- instead of feeling like they're being sold, exercise classes.

Are you interested? I'm offering this at a special rate JUST TODAY…

And I'm only letting five people in.

If you're interested in how it works, CLICK HERE.

Sign up now before spots fill up!


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