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I'm willing to bet you're selling yourself short.

Hey warrior,

I'm willing to bet you're selling yourself short.

If you're like most people in the industry, you're doing this because you care about making people's lives better- but you want to have a successful career simultaneously.

Just because you've brought so much heart to what you do means you have much more to offer than just a workout. You have a unique story that caused you to arrive where you are and decide to open your business.

But the problem may be that your audience needs to learn that reason- whether you realize it or not, it's THAT REASON that they're buying- not what kind of workout you offer. People fall in love with WHO YOU ARE- not what you do.

If you are currently marketing your workouts rather than your unique perspective on fitness and what you believe it can do to make someone's life better, then your brand needs a reboot!

It's a matter of making the same shift that Steve Jobs did.