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I'm writing you a note at the end of the last workday before Thanksgiving

Hey Warrior-

I'm writing you a note at the end of the last workday before Thanksgiving because I want to encourage you to pause with me.

I know it's cliché, but I love Thanksgiving because it forces the idea of gratitude and thankfulness into our consciousness.

And we would all benefit from spending more of our brainpower on gratitude and thankfulness.

So, as you're reading this post, I'm giving you some space to pause and consider your life for a moment.

Consider your work: Your clients, donors, teammates, and peers. Your mission. The result you "get" to do in the world. Remember what you've learned this year—how you've grown professionally.

Consider your loved ones: Family, friends, mentors, church connections, and social media friends (the real ones). Think about the last time you belly-laughed. The last time you cried with someone.

Consider your physical surroundings:

  • The things you look at.

  • Touch.

  • Smell every day—so often that you now take them for granted.

And now, sit in gratitude for a moment.

Despite the daily challenges of life—challenges in all aspects—there are so many things I am thankful for.

And not to be too cheesy, but if you're reading this post, you are one of them.

Thank you for being part of my circle. This next season brings us opportunities to engage further as we strive to improve the world.

Oh, and pumpkin pie. Yeah, I'm thankful for you and the pumpkin pie. And other things, too. But for now, I'll leave it at those two.

Happy Thanksgiving.


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