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I promise to the people who attended the Warrior Leadership Summit will be inspired to greatness.

I promise to the people who attended the Warrior Leadership Summit that they will receive THREE THINGS:

1- Clarity

All men who came to the event left with more clarity than before.

The clarity in their business

The clarity in their marriage

The clarity in their purpose

Clarity of what the next step they need to take is to go to the next level.

2- Certainty

It's only possible to create something with certainty.

Certainty is the foundation of every leader, and these men left with a greater sense of certainty about what they needed to do in 2023.

3- Community

We're building a community of men who support each other.

Everyone there supported each other. They all had their strengths and weaknesses, rushes and agony, triumphs and heartbreak.

That's the power of proximity!

One way you can mess up 2023 is if you aren't part of a community that will support you.

If you're not part of The Edge community, find a community that will support you.

I was proud of the men who committed to rolling with us in 2023.

My friend, To be part of a community that will raise their standards.

A community of men who see each other not as they are now, not as their story, but as who they can become.

That changed my life: being around men who saw greatness in me.

I intend to get around a community of leaders who will raise your standard, not let you play small, and help you level up and lead.

That's what will make the difference in 2023.

The people who think they can make it on their own will be focused on problems.

Men who are part of a community of leaders will be focused on solutions.

My friend, I know without a shadow of a doubt that every single one of us will take the market by storm in 2023.

No matter your industry, you will succeed if you have the EDGE.

The common denominator for every successful business person has EDGE.

Because the HOW will change in 2023.

What worked in 2019 didn't work in 2020, and what worked in 2022 won't work in 2023.

But if you want to figure out the HOW you need to be CLEAR about WHO.

Who MUST YOU BECOME to overcome any STORM that comes your way?

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