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I promised you this yesterday.

I promised you this yesterday.

But before I make good on that promise.

And please don't lie.

Have you ever wondered:

Can I charge thousands for an online coaching program?


Aren't there too many coaching programs out there already?!

Every coach has wondered about these at some point.

So let me clear this up:

First, with your experience and expertise, you can charge thousands, possibly even more than you are right now, for coaching.

You have to dial in your Offer.

Second, there are only so many coaches out there.

That is the biggest lie you could tell yourself to hold yourself back and stay small in 2023.

Don't do that.

I don't even believe it a little bit.

You will wind up charging fees that are too low.

Or worse

You might need more time to craft your Perfect Offer... one that genuinely sells itself and differentiates you from other coaches in your niche.

A coach with a Perfect Offer is truly an unstoppable, powerful force.

A coach with a Perfect Offer notoriously attracts so many leads they never have to worry about sales.

And a coach with a Perfect Offer can help more people because they attract the right clients. Clients that vibe with them in a whole different way. Because their Offer speaks to THEIR people.

But I get it - you're bombarded every single day.

There are a million free guides and marketing methods to try. Shouldn't your focus be there?


The problem you are facing today is that you are focused on the wrong thing 99% of the time.

Before you market, you MUST dial in your Perfect Offer FIRST.

This ensures your success. And creates a waterfall effect of leads, whether you are working on organic traffic, paid traffic, collaborations, or more.

And Your Perfect Offer is valuable to revisit even if you have been coaching for decades.

My Friend, There is never a wrong time to revisit Your Perfect Offer.

So, I want to invite you to something special.

Following Monday, December 5th, we are running our FINAL Perfect Offer Challenge for 2022.

Learn the proper steps to craft and launch your new coaching offer, soup to nuts.

It's our last 5-Day Challenge for the year.

And there will be prizes for a few lucky people, too.

Get the full details and register here:

Don't sit on this.



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