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I recently talked to a guy who knows some guys.

Hi Warrior,

I recently talked to a guy who knows some guys. Who are high up in the marketing, selling, and transformation space. This guy has worked with Tony Robbins, Grant Cardone, Russel Brunson, and many big names.

He asked me how many podcast downloads I have (he may connect me with Grant to have him on my podcast #goals).

I didn’t know the answer. And he couldn’t believe it. “You don’t KNOW how many downloads you have?!?!”

Me: Nope. “I think it’s well over a million? I haven’t looked in about a year.”

But then I said this.

“But I have a 10 million dollar business, so I think maybe it’s okay.”

The truth is the number of downloads on your podcast, or the number of subscribers on your email list (I only recently found out this number) is NOT what creates clients, money, or success. It’s not a measurement of how you are doing (I KNOW! It’s not. Even though many people want you to believe it is.) It’s not an indicator of how much money you can make now.

And most importantly, it has NO PART in creating a desire for buyers.

Did you know THAT IS the most important thing you know in your business?

Is knowing how to create a desire for your buyers?

If you know how to do this well, you won’t ever be checking your “stats” again.

And creating a desire for your buyers and creating demand for your work comes from ONE thought.

My friend, I will share it with you next week in my Warrior Creating Demand Workshop.

I’ll tell you the ONE thought you need to believe in creating a $200k+ business and coach you all week on that thought.

I’m giving you my thoughts for one week. That has had people throwing money at me.

It’s thought work. It’s energy work.

It’s next-level sales mastery.

We will be focusing on businesses above the $25k mark. But come to no matter where you are.

I’m going to say nothing you won’t benefit from.

And you stand to gain EVERYTHING with this training.

I mean it.

And this can’t wait until next year.

It would help if you learned it now.

It would help if you used these thoughts now.

It would help if you had the coaching NOW.

Grab your seat HERE. Mark your calendars.

Show up. Every day. No matter what.

Watch your business completely transform.


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