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I remember having a conversation with a friend years ago.

Hey Warrior,

I remember having a conversation with a friend years ago.

He contemplated signing up for a biking race but couldn’t decide whether to do it.

I suggested that he make a decision so he can either train for the event and put purpose into his training OR release the pressure, fun train, and do it just because!

As I dug a little deeper, I realized that his indecision came from a place of fear.

I noticed him saying things like

“What if I signed up and got killed by other riders who are more prepared?”

“Ugh, do I want to push myself that much?”

“If I sign up, I’m going to have to put in a lot more time training, and my wife is not going to like that.”

So I asked, “Do you want to do it or not?”


I went on to share a story to explain the importance of making a decision and how sitting in indecision weighs on your mind, consumes your head, and keeps you stuck.

Saying “no” is still a decision. And that’s okay.

And saying “yes” when you want to do something, even if you’re scared, is liberating.

It allows you to move forward.

Sometimes, the question you ask is not about whether you are ready.

Because the truth is, you’ll never be ready.

You will always have excuses on whether you’re ready to

Start a podcast

Run a summit with 50 collaborators

Make an offer that hasn’t been sold before

The question might be, “Am I willing to trust the process?”

So Warrior, are you willing?

Do you want to do it?

Today, make that decision, whatever it is, and stand behind it.

The only way to get out of staying stuck is to take a step forward or take action back.

You get to decide.



P.S. I want to help you move forward. Especially with the year ending, it’s time to trust the process and move the needle forward.

No more excuses. No more indecision.

It’s time you get to choose yourself.

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