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I stopped saving.

Hey -

I stopped saving.

This sounds like a terrible idea.

Especially with all the doom and gloom we hear about the economy and a potential recession.

Except... is it?

Do you ever save the "right" amount, anyways?

Or do big bills somehow always make their way into your life and drain your savings when they do?

Car repairs, dentist appointments...

Things like these made it impossible for me to "get ahead" in life.

Now, you ultimately are in charge of your future and financial choices. Never take financial advice from me or anyone else without doing your homework (duh).

But consider this question and be honest with yourself:

Is saving working for you?

Or could thereby be a different play to kick off your future coaching career and make far more money?

Could there be a secret strategy to "getting ahead financially" that you haven't yet considered?

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