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I've heard all the excuses.

Hey Warrior,

I've heard all the excuses.

If you've found yourself saying something similar before, hear this: you aren't the only one who feels this way.

When I started my first Facebook Group, I was desperate to reach the same engagement that other Facebook Group owners I looked up to had. I tried everything I possibly could.

I would show up in my Facebook group, hit refresh all day, and be ready every time a comment came in (and mind you, there were not many.) Getting engaged meant being present in the group hours a day without breaking it. Honestly, I was probably spamming my group a bunch too!

But the truth is

I didn't know how to be strategic with my time in the group.

Sure, I was generating some results, but they were far from the goal I was trying to achieve. I thought the trickle of results I got was only because of the hours I put into my group. I knew I could cut down on time spent, but somehow I kept questioning whether I would get the same results if I showed up less.

Pareto's principle says that 80% of your results are caused by 20% of your actions.

Friend, So why are we wasting our time and effort on the 80% that doesn't convert to profits and engagement?

When things finally clicked, I spent less time on my group. I wasn't nervous and jumped onto Facebook whenever I heard the notification ring. I showed up less, but I was still getting the engagement I craved, if not more!

Friend, You do NOT need to spend hours on your Facebook group per day. If you do, you'll face content burnout fast and may end up stopping and starting your mojo!

This is what I want to help people just like you gain clarity on.

Most of my clients spend no more than 30-60 minutes per day in their very own profitable Facebook groups. They were having real FUN engaging with their very own dream clients and standing out from the crowd as the go-to expert in their niche while cashing in on profits.

Facebook Groups should not be causing you stress. Quite the opposite! If you want to build a warm and inviting place for your members, you need to want to be there too.

Want to learn how to set the stage with your own engaged and profitable Facebook Group? Hop on over and sign up for my Warrior Engage Your Group Workshop Series. I'll be rolling back the curtains for you and showing you my exact steps on how I grew my Facebook Group to 2500+ members in 3 months!

PLUS... Friend, I will teach you how to turn your freebie seekers into raving buyers. That's right - not only will you be growing your FB group, but you will also be profiting from it!

We start on Monday, October 17th, so join me for the Engage Warrior Your Group Workshop Series, and let's dive in deep and host your own Facebook group!



P.S. The Engage Your Group Facebook Group doors are about to open! You'll get tons of bonuses and complete information on growing and engaging your Facebook group. Don't miss out!

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