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I've heard this a lot over the years:

My Friend,

I've heard this a lot over the years:

"If you don't have an email list, then you only have a hobby - not a business."

"You don't own anything but your email list, so you better start one immediately."

"List building is your only asset."

This isn't true.

You have a business when you have MONEY.

You have a business when it produces CASH.

I know A LOT of coaches who have A LOT of people subscribed to their email list, yet no money in their bank account.

I had a $100k business before I started my mailing list (and even then, I only emailed my list when it felt like a good idea - definitely not regularly). My business was not a hobby. It was a $100,000 living and breathing thing.

I had predictable revenue, a stream of client referrals, and the ability to sell coaching to more people.

I had my mind.

Our minds are the only thing we ever own - period.

We own how we think and the skills we create. And with both of these, you can make money.

Learn to believe in yourself, and learn to sell others on themselves. That's it, my friends.

Once you learn this, then you will own it forever.

You will always know how to make money.

You will never be dependent on any platform or technology.

This doesn't mean you won't WANT to create an email list and start getting people on it.

My advice? Could you do it?

But don't mistake an email list for being what creates the result of MONEY and CLIENTS.

And don't let it be another barrier between you and money.

It doesn't have to be.

I didn't have a lot of money, and the money I had, I put right into my mind and my skills.

There weren't any leftovers for email platforms, ads, or someone to set that sh*t up (because I certainly didn't know how). After 40+ hours of trying to teach me to put it all together, I quit.

I quit because I realized that in all of that time. I hadn't talked to a single HUMAN.

I hadn't told anyone about my business.

I hadn't created any value, helped anyone, or been of service.

Email lists are great. That is after you learn how to meet people, talk about what you do, and sell your offer to people.

Email lists come after you learn that money is created with your thinking + the (sales) skills you develop.

Make building a business as easy as possible.

Remove the barriers, and get in and get started.

Happy Monday.


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