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I want to give you something

I want to give you something.

If you haven't enrolled yet, or reserved a spot, I wanted to let you know.

You can see a few dozen Student Stories, Before & After Photos, and Pictures from INSIDE THE PRIVATE GROUP.

On that same page is our GIFT to you:

This is a FREE no-pressure call...a TRUE Complimentary Coaching Call.

Who's it for? Our best students are ***typically*** (don't let this stop you, though) 40+ y.o. Professionals and career men and women with aspirations for higher level strength and skill deal with weight gain, past injuries, flexibility issues, etc.

What's the Call like?

Four parts:

1. Getting to know each other

2. A deep dive into your goals and an assessment to see where you're currently at

3. any questions that you have

4. If you want to enroll, we can help you with that (that'll be entirely custom to each person depending on goals, etc.)

If you do enroll, here are the following steps:

A. Strength & Flexibility Quiz (send to your coach)

B. Kickoff Call to determine the level, customized training, and nutrition

C. 3-5 days per week, 30-60 min. per day of training

D. Weekly Strength Tests and monthly Level Ups

E. Unlimited contact with your coach via group, video, 1:1 calls, and messaging

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