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I watched Chris Rock's new stand-up special on Netflix this weekend, and it was hilarious.

I watched Chris Rock's new stand-up special on Netflix this weekend, and it was hilarious.

He talked about how we are all addicted to ATTENTION.

There are three ways to get attention today:

The first is to shake your ass.

Yep, it's that simple; if you got it, you can flaunt it and attract much attention.

The second is becoming the best.

It's hard to be the best at something, so it's easier to shake your ass.

And the third one is becoming a victim.

That's the easiest way to get attention because all you have to do is dwell on your problems.

Do nothing and complain; anyone can do that.

If you didn't know, Chris Rock got slapped by Will Smith at last's Oscars, and he could've easily sued him and the Oscars for being humiliated in public.

But he said in his stand-up that he would never be a victim.

He'd taken that slap like a champ and turned his pain into fuel (and comedy).

He turned the slap into a 40 million dollar payday.

He is laughing all the way to the bank from that slap.

That's how you take adversity and do something positive with it.

This is the shift in mindset that I will be teaching at the Warrior Leadership Summit.

This is the mindset that attendees of the Warrior Leadership Summit have.

And that energy is contagious.

I recently talked to one of my coaching clients and he told me he didn't even know he was acting like a victim.

When he found the Warrior program, he had problems with his business, marriage, and health.

It was easy to feel sorry for himself, but now he is using three frameworks that we teach to break out of the VICTIM MENTALITY:

1- Shit can always be worse.

If you find yourself in a victim mentality, remember there's always someone out there who would give anything to have your problems, but they aren't complaining.

2- How can I turn this pain into fuel?

You can turn your situation around when you realize how to turn pain into fuel.

3- Life is giving you exactly what you need to level the fuck up.

That's how you break through feeling sorry for yourself: Find the gift, find the opportunity because life is always giving you what you need to shape and mold you into the man you need to become to solve your problems.

If you're weak, get strong.

Strong in your business, body, mind, marriage, and relationship with God.

Break the pattern of becoming a victim.

Blaming and complaining is easy, but easy doesn't fix complex problems.

Life is giving you what you need to level up and lead.

It's up to you to take ownership of your life and create your compelling future.

Register now for the Warrior Leadership Summit to learn what successful entrepreneurs are doing to take their businesses and life to the next level. Book your tickets now.

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