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I won't lie to you, Friend.

I won't lie to you, Friend.

Business is both simple and complicated.

It's simple because to grow, all you need are two core steps:

  1. A starving crowd- with a relevant and vital OFFER.

  2. Using that offer to spread awareness of your solution.

Sounds easy for the go-getter, suitable? But there's a smidge of complication to this. In the form of:

Attraction → Systems → Good copy → Ads → Ads compliance → Ads fatiguing → Organic → Testing → Dealing with failing → Mindset → Mental performance → Physical performance.

Friend, But when the rubber meets the road, the simple things help us breach $50K in months.

Great offers and a clear + accessible target market.

So let's talk next steps for you here.

Firstly → You know WHO your market is - you know WHERE they're accessible - and you know they WANT and NEED your offer.

Secondly → Then you've got an offer - it's priced above $3K - and it's validated (as in, you've sold it before, and you've already got some juicy MasterCard details).

Up to this point, that's all you need. However, to grow, you'll want to

1) Create advertising

You need to be able to attract MORE of that validated attention and demand for your offer… and build a list of prospects.


Because it replaces your time and effort in building organic leadership, you're getting leads and applications automatically instead of prospecting and putting in the daily grind.

Done right, you wake up to a semi-full or filled-out weekly calendar with people wanting to know more.

2) Get advertising leads on the phone

Once done, having a list or pool of people is not enough.

It would help if you had a conversion tool to move them to speak with you.

I've been a part of clients in masterminds having ALL sorts of conversion mechanisms to move people to phones.

There's no one-size-fits-all approach here, so you must vary your options and sources.

Webinars / SDRs / LTOs / Self-liquidating marketing / Multi-lead gen promos… etc.

3) Sell

Once you get the process down for selling, it's all mentality.

I've seen entrepreneurs, CEO, and salespeople nail call after call and start closing at 60 percent on hard-to-sell offers…

Then the next day, they're in the pits of despair and can't close a barn door.

So how do you avoid that - either for yourself or your team?

Environment and learning.

It is around others who win daily.

It was around experts who guided you.

They are around offers, systems, ads, marketing, and calls.

Make sense?

Now it'd be around here that I make

you a high ticket offer to a program

But instead, how would you like access to all of the above at no cost?

Throughout October, I've placed multiple high-ticket memberships together, which I'm updating, backloading, and recording more training upon your request…

And you can try it out on me.

It's called Warrior HQ.

Its purpose is to give you ALL of the above, the environment, access to experts, and the network…

Except for no 5-figure investments.

You can cancel one low-cost monthly subscription (accessible through October btw) when needed.

Just as a quick FYI here, you have full-tier membership to HQ through the link in this email at a cheaper cost than usual.

So if you want to try this out, lock in a Warrior member price, and join me as we repivot how information is given to experts and our industry collectively.

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