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If you’re still on the fence about using a FB group as a “home base,” consider this.

Warrior, If you’re still on the fence about using a FB group as a “home base” for your business, consider this…

Unlike almost every other marketing channel — Having a group gives you some level of INSTANT AUTHORITY.


When people join your group and see you as the tribe leader of hundreds, thousands, even tens of thousands of people, who are all in your community for education and inspiration around the topic, that is your exact expertise.

Your word carries more weight.

It’s a significant advantage to have.

Because for people to purchase from you, they must first trust you.

Groups give you the ability to prove your authority through the content you provide and showcase social proof with the engagement you get on your content.

This means you aren’t required to become an “expert marketer.”

You can leverage your group to demonstrate your expertise with the content.

This gives you a big leg up and a monster benefit:

Instead of having to chase down prospects, they’ll chase you down rather.

The “Instant Authority” effect is another reason to love capitalizing on a group as your primary client attraction channel.

And it’s one of the things that makes it our absolute favorite.

(Obviously, I may be biased, but the facts don’t lie. Groups can be a game changer if you know what you’re doing).

If you’ve been on the fence, maybe now’s the time to give them another look.

Kirk Carlson


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