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If you’ve been scaling or modifying workouts because of an injury


​​If you’ve been scaling or modifying workouts because of an injury for months and months, scaling isn’t the answer anymore.

Sometimes you get injured, and you only need to give it time to recover, and you’ll be good to go, usually in a few weeks.

This is a scenario where scaling works excellently. It’s temporary with a clear beginning and end.

More often than not, injuries that happen in the gym don’t fall into this category because gym injuries come on slowly. They’re from rep after rep after the agent of something your body can tolerate at first and eventually can’t handle.

It feels like it came on out of nowhere but didn’t.

So what happens?

You lay off and scale for a couple of weeks, things start feeling better, and the cycle repeats.

You get injured again, except this time, it takes longer to feel better.

You’re lunging while everyone else is squatting.

You’re stuck on the rower while everyone else is running.

You cannot do the things that everyone else gets to do, and it sucks.

Scaling won’t fix that kind of problem.

It can’t.

It can’t because it doesn’t get to the ROOT of the problem.

Are you lacking flexibility and compromising your movement?

Do you have nerve tension that causes flare-ups seemingly out of nowhere?

Do you have strength imbalances causing you to favor one side over the other?

Scaling won’t tell you that, and it can’t address any of those issues.

We don’t want to be the people with all of the problems and none of the solutions.

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