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if you want to double or triple your revenue in 2023, you’ve got to stop thinking like a worker

Warrior, if you want to double or triple your revenue in 2023, you’ve got to stop thinking like a worker and start thinking like a network MARKETER.

This is imperative.

Your primary job as a business owner is not to provide services; it’s to MARKET & SELL your services.

My Friend, Your job as a business owner, is to:

  • Identify your ideal client and tune into what they most want to HAVE or most want to AVOID. Use copy that communicates that you know exactly what they’re feeling.

  • Position yourself as the authority on that subject and the apparent solution.

  • Help them see another option, and you can help them achieve that outcome.

  • Follow up and close the deal.

That is the essential marketing funnel in the book, and entrepreneurs in every industry are making MILLIONS with some version of this.

Using this marketing funnel, we have helped HUNDREDS of small business owners double or even triple their revenue in less than a year.

It’s your turn.

Session 2 of our 3-part warrior series on what you need to do NOW to have a record year in 2023 is happening on November 30th.

It’s about The Warrior Million Dollar Marketing Blueprint and how to deploy it in your business!

The first of this 3-part series was packed with value for the business owners that showed up. When you register for session two, you’ll get instant access to the replay of session one.

If your marketing is weak, your entire law firm is soft.

Marketing feeds the firm.

Without marketing that works, you have no leads to sell to.

Without leads to sell to, you have no clients to help.

Without clients to help, you have no way of bringing in revenue.

With revenue, you can pay your staff or yourself or invest in the business to create even more excellent opportunities ahead.

The success of your firm starts and ends with MARKETING that WORKS.

Speak Soon,

Warrior Team How To Manage

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