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In-person, or virtually on Zoom, once you start meeting people you will learn to be social


In-person, or virtually on Zoom, once you start meeting people (especially in networking communities), they will want to have coffee chats with you.

Do them.

They are worth your time.

No matter where they lead.

Every conversation you have in the first year of your business is a vital opportunity and will help you create MONEY.

For two reasons.

You get to figure out how to talk about coaching conversationally.

You get to work on your nerves when someone asks you what you do and how you do it. You get to work on not being weird and sales but calm and grounded. You want to be able to explain coaching and how you work with clients naturally and easily. Without using platitudes and cliché coach-speak like, "I help "you take your power back," and "help" get you into the driver's life."

You will get to learn to explain it in layman alike, "You know when you want to rise up in the morning? You buy all the equipment, set your alarm, and then don't? No matter how badly you wanted to run and how committed you felt the night before? Well, that's what's come in."

You want to figure out how to connect coaching to the person you are in front of by explaining it in the way most relevant to them.

And most importantly, the second reason you want to drink as much coffee as you can with strangers is you get to practice LISTENING.

Listening is an actual skill you develop.

It will make you good at selling and coaching. It will make you a master networker. It will allow you to gather the information that will make it easier to explain what you do and how you do it when the conversation comes back to you.

And even if it doesn't underestimate the power of being the person who talks less.

The person who listens most has the most impact and leaves the most profound impression.

Your "dates "the first lesson of coaching with you, without you ever having said a thing, just by the power of your presence, focus, and attentiveness. Just by you silently holding space.

You can explain the power of coaching. Or demonstrate it.

Either way, you GROW in your skill set, confidence, and articulation.

You become a life coach, one free coffee session (one personal interaction) at a time.

Do them. Do them often and keep doing them until you have mastered listening and articulating coaching.

And if you haven't been invited to do one, what are you waiting on?! Pick up your phone and ask someone for coffee!

Surprise them. Just have fun.

Listen to them. Let them leave thinking, "Well, that was nice."

Happy Monday.


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