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It's not a strategy or a secret.

I will share how I consistently hold a close rate of almost 70%, even on 'bad' applications.

It's not a strategy or a secret.

It's my mindset and philosophy.

Let me explain:

If you want to be excellent at sales, it goes beyond tactics and what things to say.

I will let you know a little mindset 'hack' I use, which allows me to close more sales.

But first, let me share my philosophy:

To make the impact/influence I wanted, I had to embody a leader's qualities truly.

Which meant that I needed to show up as someone who leads people and guides them to make the best decision for them.

Too often hear, coaches say they're scared to challenge objections because they're afraid to come across as pushy/sales.

The problem is you are making it about yourself.

Someone who leads is willing to sacrifice their comfort for their prospect's good.

One thing I've done to overcome this personally is to think about the consequences of what happens if I don't challenge people.

If I let them off because I was too scared to challenge them or if they thought I was pushy.

Because of me. Another couple gets into an argument over finances.

Because of me. Another girl is stuck at a dead-end job she hates because her business doesn't generate enough $$.

Because of me. a PT stays chronically overworked, working 70h a week and having no life.

Because I was more concerned about my personal reputation with that person than showing up as a leader for them.

Because I was putting my comfort over theirs.

Here are two examples of my clients' results.

One started with me one week ago. $2700 collected.

Previously she'd been stuck for two years bringing in $500/month.

Another made $3000 in sales within three days of us starting, after struggling hard for eight months.

These clients were scared before enrolling, and I had to talk them out of their fears or "challenge objections" pretty hard.

One of the most significant changes I've gone through is realizing sales isn't about me. It's about serving others.

And for me to embody the traits of being a leader, I had to be the guiding light in helping ppl make the best decisions for them.

IF I had not "handled their objections" because I didn't want to be "sales," they would be stuck in the same spot.

People think it's rude to handle objections.

It's rude not to challenge someone to make the best decision for them if you know you have something that's going to change their life.

The excellent starting place to re-frame your mindset?

Make a list of everything that could happen to your people if they do not buy from you and carry on with their lives.

Reply to this and let me know if this helps.

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