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JLBC Fitness Military CrossFit Ninja Warrior

JLBC Fitness Military CrossFit Ninja Warrior

JLBC Leadership

JLBC Cadets Many YouTube and Instagram posts, gymnasts, and online coaching programs have different takes on bodyweight exercises and how to get stronger. JLBC Cadets So many of the people I train with or have coached find it challenging to differentiate between which information is relevant and effective for them and what is not. JLBC Cadets Through my studies as a Personal Trainer and Level 2 Crossfit Coach, including CrossFit Gymnastics, and experience in Acroyoga and Calisthenics Training, I have developed efficient and effective methods for progression in various movements with a military flair.

I train more than I work, which is nearly impossible for many people. But when you are passionate about what you do, you are constantly motivated to achieve more. With this in mind, I have been privileged enough to be a trainer for Ninja Warrior contestants and a judge for the Military CrossFit Games in California, USA.

During my Fitness Journey, I wanted to help people achieve their goals effectively. JLBC Cadets, As a result, I set out to write textbooks to help anyone, male or female, beginner or advanced. The information on this website is a draft of those books that will help you build strength and power, improve coordination, and increase flexibility.


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