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"Kirk, how do I sell high-ticket coaching without testimonials?"

Warrior Legacy, there's a question I get asked a lot, and it pertains mainly to Warrior coaches who are getting started with their coaching businesses:

"Kirk, how do I sell high-ticket coaching without testimonials?"

Now, you might've already experienced this?

Getting testimonials is a catch-22 if you're new to coaching.

Because even if you've had success as a real estate agent, service provider, or author, people still want to know you can get results in the coaching side of your business.

So, here's my answer

When you don't have testimonials, YOU are your first testimonial.

In other words, use your success to show how well your techniques have worked for you.

Talk about where you started – which will be the same place your prospects are now.

Talk about what you struggled with

Talk about how you overcame the setbacks.

Then talk about your proven process for FIXING whatever problems you had.

Do that?

And your prospects will care less about your "lack of testimonials"...

And more about how FAST you can help them too!

Bottom line: I can assure you (from experience) that you CAN build an empire.

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