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Leadership takes work.

Leadership takes work. It if were easy, everyone would do it. We have to choose to be a leader. We have to decide to give ourselves permission to make decisions rather than follow them. Most people can’t lead because they cannot make a choice.

A man who can’t make a choice is a liability. My friend, You have to ask yourself, “Do I want to lead?” or “Do I want to be saved?” If you choose to lead, you have to show up; if you want to be saved, you will always look for people to do the work for you. You have to make this choice every day.

4 Key Distinctions Between People Who Want to Lead and People Who Want to be Saved:

1- Seeks Truth

A man who wants to lead knows that the truth will set him free. Men who want to be saved seek comfort. To find the truth, my friend, you have to be willing to get uncomfortable. You have to be ready to dig deep to expose the patterns that stop you from running at the highest level.

2- Has Conviction

A person who wants to lead is looking to strengthen his belief system. they understand what they stand for and knows his truth. A person who wants to be saved is looking to be convinced.

3- Has Clear Values

Beliefs are what your mind interprets as truth. Your values are the weight you put on those beliefs. A person who wants to lead values a long-term vision. The Person understands that leadership is a long game. A person who wants to be saved always values short-term gain.

4- Reaps What He Sows

A person who wants to lead believes in his capacity to execute. A person who wants to be saved always wants to reap what others sow. Everybody wants to be a leader until it’s time to lead. When people realize there is a price to pay, they’d instead be saved.

Choose to lead. It isn’t easy. The truth is hard. Leading is hard. But when you accept the fact, you realize that life always gives you what you need to level up.

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