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Let's talk about success today.

Let's talk about success today.

Goal -> Achievement

Is that success?

Are the "Muscle Up," the "V Stand," or the "Press Handstand" actual achievements?

Is the house, the career, the car, the business, the gold medal THE success?

Let's delve a little deeper.

You are in a different place than everyone else in your life.

You have different goals, different aspirations, and different situations.

You are there because past decisions, events, and circumstances have brought you to this point.

Your history is unique to you.

So is your present.

And so is your future.

You could be a physician helping people on a clinical level.

You could be a surgeon helping someone fight for their life.

You could be an Olympic athlete who just won gold.

That is the present.

And that present quickly turns into history. The Olympians will be the first ones to tell you that.

Now what?

And the future is unpredictable, unknowable.

The worst thing to do is to not plan for it.

But likewise, the worst thing to do is to dwell on it.

The only thing you have is a present.

And the present contains something unique.

It contains an opportunity.

It is the very spark of life right now.

We are breathing the breath God gives us at this very moment.

What are we doing at that moment?

That is key.

I would venture to say that it is a success.

It is not the goal obtained.

It is not an achievement.

It is the movement forward.

Becoming matter what point you're at.

It is being present for the family.

I am being positive no matter what the circumstance.

And maybe you'll acquire a Muscle Up, V Stand, or Press Handstand.

But it's that process that's so important.

It's vital to life.

It's the opportunity of the now.

That's it.

A moment of writing and reflection for you.

If you want help with your training, just let us know.

We can help you with sustainable body composition goals, strength, flexibility, mobility, injury recovery, and even elite skill.

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