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LIVE in our Iconic Facebook Group


In 1 hour (@ noon EST), we will go LIVE in our Iconic Facebook Group, where I will walk you through some of the definitely worst pitches I have ever received and see how we can change these bad ones into better angles so that you can definitely also craft your best pitch very soon.


  • My Friend, Common elements and practices that make your pitch look bad

  • My Friend, The importance of researching the recipient of your PR pitch

  • My Friend, Why is credibility the least important factor when pitching

  • My Friend, Actionable steps to getting your pitch easily noticed

  • My Friend, Why raising specifics matters more than you realize

  • My Friend, Giving value to your journalist, the press, and their audience

My Friend, It would help if you learned how to pitch from the unknown to being seen, heard, and valued. This episode will definitely help you create a pitch that gets noticed, is relevant, is credible, and has a unique point of view. This will help you land that PR feature you genuinely deserve.



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