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Lose 20 pounds GUARANTEED before 12/31/22, or we work with you for totally FREE

Hey Warrior,

Lose 20 pounds GUARANTEED before 12/31/22, or we work with you for totally FREE until you do, PLUS have a chance to WIN $250 (this offer is budget friendly but not free).

If you sign up for our Warrior Accelerator Program from now until Friday (12/2/22) - either Silver $97/mo or Gold $197/mo - we guarantee you'll lose 15 lbs before 12/31/22 if you follow the program.

Silver & Gold both include access to our private Facebook group & Gold provides access to our weekly coaching calls.

The person who loses THE MOST during this one-month challenge will get reimbursed for his enrollment fee PLUS win $250.

This program requires you to work out 2-4 times per week for around 30 minutes, mainly doing weights.

You'll also need to commit to following our nutrition protocol, allowing you to enjoy the holidays without starving yourself.

Burgers and beer? You can have it!

Egg nog and pumpkin pie? You can have it!

You will also track all your workouts and progress in our Warrior fitness app, and you will be able to see how far you've come in one month while still enjoying yourself.

This shows you how simple life can be if you make minor adjustments to your daily health habits.

Worst case scenario, you lose 12 pounds and get a month or two free to lose the last few pounds.

The best case is you lose 15 pounds for under 200 bucks and will probably want to stick around because we make fitness fun.

You'll also have a chance to win $250 and get your Initial Investment back.

If you're interested in joining this December Challenge, tap here and comment "I'm In" in the comments below the post, and I'll reach out with a link to join.

And for the first five guys to commit, I'll even throw in a 20% discount.

Who's ready to drop some pounds BEFORE the new year?

Tap here and comment "I'm in" in the comments below the post!

Talk soon,

- Kirk

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