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Lots of entrepreneurs stay busy with marketing.

Lots of entrepreneurs stay busy with marketing

But busyness doesn't mean more clients.

It would help if you weren't busy.

I need you to win.

Here are three brutal marketing truths preventing you from making more money (and how to fix them):

A. You need to identify your ideal prospect.

Who do you serve?

The answer cannot be 'everyone.' It would help if you decided—the more specific, the better.

It can feel scary to pick. But you must.

A road trip can't start without a destination.

No person? No money.

B. Working in your business is costing you business.

I need you to be the captain of your ship. I am not pulling levers and pushing buttons down in the galley.

But you can't do that if you're busy with other people's jobs.

Don't sacrifice $100 to save $1.

C. Your numbers are a mess.

You must know your marketing numbers.

What it takes to move someone from a stranger to a buyer.

Knowing your numbers allows you to see where the choke points are.

You need to know your numbers to thrive.


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