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Making money during the holidays is easy.


Making money during the holidays is easy.

People are spending money on themselves.

They have saved all year and are thinking of what they want.

In December, they reflect on the year and what they have and haven't accomplished. They shop till they drop. They delight in all of their favorite things.

In January, they are inspired by the New Year and determined to make a change. They set goals. Re-commit. They buy gym memberships, dance classes, and new books to read.

Who told you, "it's the holidays" and "making money is hard during the holidays?" You? You're mistaken.

I was selling cell phones and selling mops and selling coaching. My Friend, The holidays are my favorite time of year. It's the easiest time to sell. (This has always been my experience.)

I don't wind down and check out. I don't quit before I cross the finish line.

I don't NOT sell because I think people won't buy.

The fourth quarter is my grand finale.

The first quarter is my opening act.

December and January? My stars.

Happy Monday.


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