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Meetings that should’ve been emailing

Hi Warrior,

Meetings that should’ve been emailing.

We’ve all had them.

And as much as you’ve grumbled about them.

Chances are your team has done the same.

Meetings should ideally be always productive.

But as you know, that’s easier said than done.

Have too many meetings, and your team will feel you’re micromanaging them.

They may have too few meetings and feel the discussions will save them time.

This is why so many business owners ask me this question:

“How can we constantly communicate with our team without micromanaging them to the point where they want to get rid of us?”

I tell them that instead of fixating on the number of meetings they should have

They should instead focus on setting the proper meeting cadence.

But what is it exactly?

A meeting cadence refers to a frequent schedule that business owners can check in on the team.

And since this schedule is constantly followed, it will eventually become part of the organization’s culture.

The goal of having a meeting cadence is to ensure there’s team alignment

The company culture stays strong

And that everyone works towards both the minor and significant objectives set.

Now, your meeting cadence will depend entirely on your business and its needs.

But if you’re not sure what yours should be, here’s what I suggest:

Start with an annual meeting to set your business’s goals for the next 12 months.

Then, push it down to quarterly meetings. You and your team can see if you should stay on target or hit the reset button. You can also set quarterly targets to get you closer to your goal.

You then push your annual and quarterly targets into your weekly meetings. That’s how you can ensure that everyone on the team stays accountable for their goals. And to do that, set weekly targets.

Finally, have daily huddles. This is about ensuring that you’re tying in all the tasks that are happening daily to your weekly meetings.

Simply put, you start with the annual meeting and then break it into more frequent sessions.

With Gratitude,

- Kirk

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