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Mental Strength Training for Athletes

Mental Strength Training for Athletes

Many people have a hard time with goal setting. Every year we have new year resolutions that may make it through three months if we are fortunate. The problem does not lie in the creation of making goals. It lies in the follow-through of achieving the goals we set.

Here are some steps for creating effective goals that will result in us achieving success. Emphasize the steps needed to achieve goals and identify milestones leading to your ultimate success.

Be specific in setting, measurable goals (SMARTER) rather than general or “do-your-best” goals. Set moderately tricky goals that are hard but realistic. Set positive, goals as opposed to negative.

Set both long-term outcomes and short-term goals, with short-term goals serving as the building block for reaching the long-term outcome. Set both team and individual goals, with individual goals becoming the role-specific steps

used to attain team goals. Set both practice and competitive goals, with practice goals focusing on developing skills

and competitive goals geared to performing optimally.

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