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My close rate for consults was 80-90 percent after my first 12 NOs.

My Friend,

My close rate for consults was 80-90 percent after my first 12 NOs.

I implemented this ONE thing.

I was telling the truth.

The most SIMPLE tactic, yet the most difficult for my clients.

Because sometimes the truth risks the relationship.

Sometimes it hurts to hear. It hurts to say.

But only because of what you are afraid of losing.

My close rate was high, but it wasn't because I had years of experience coaching, because I was SUPER clear on my niche, or because I had no confusion around my pricing (sometimes I decided what to charge ON THE CALL); my close rate was high because I was willing to feel bad. I was ready to make the client mad and was glad to lose the sale and the client.

I was willing to go all in.

I slid every single chip into the middle of the table, and it wasn't a bluff.

Off the call, I gratified myself. I was responsible for my belief. My sufficiency. My bills.

I did the job of liking myself.

And I deeply understood that being nice would keep my clients STUCK.

Being "nice" was the minor KIND thing that I could do for someone who wasn't living the life they wanted.

So I said the thing I didn't want to say - the hard thing. I went with my hunches. I trusted my inclination, even if it wasn't the "polite," "appropriate," or SAFE thing (for me).

I never saved my clients' feelings. I didn't wear kid gloves.

I gave it to them straight, without niceties.

From LOVE.

I got ONE CHANCE to tell them the truth.


My chance might have been their ONLY chance to hear it.

I was willing to let it potentially cost me thousands of dollars or get a "bad review."

I wanted to be the MOST honest person in their life.

That is what creates VALUE. It builds transformation and trust.

That is WHY a client BUYS. Truth closes (the sale).

If you want to sign more clients, do a consult audit. What are all the chips you left unplayed? What didn't you say on each consult? Where did you hold back from discomfort? What weren't you willing to risk or feel?

Where did you keep the truth stifled?

Where were you polite?

Where did you care MORE about being liked than serving?

And where did "NICE" cost you on the consult (What transformations did your client miss?)

Tell the truth - the hard one - and watch your close rate go up.

Happy Monday.

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