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One of my favorite phrases is "NO EXCUSES!"

One of my favorite phrases is "NO EXCUSES!"

I even created a t-shirt made with the phrase. I love to wear it to the gym because it reminds me of my commitment.

We buy into excuses because we aren't clear on our commitments.

We're not clear on the things we must do every day.

I focus on three musts every week.

Protect: What must I do to protect my family, my business, and above all, my energy? What are the threats and leaks to watch out for? If you don't save energy, you're constantly reacting to Life.

Provide: What must I do to provide value to everyone around me? Not just to the marketplace, but everyone, my family, my business, my own body? If you can't provide, Life will never offer for you. Warrior, Life gives you what you are willing to give Life.

Push yourself: Where do I need to push myself, where do I need to make my team, and what do I need to continue to push moving forward?

Every day, I ask myself what I must do to protect, provide, and push forward.

Having the EDGE is not about perfection; it's about progress.

Make progress every single day to get closer to your ultimate vision. Get 1% better every day.

Get clear on your three musts.

Focus on your results, not your outcomes.

The average man WITHOUT the EDGE doesn't get results because he focuses on excuses, not opportunities.

The average man WITHOUT the EDGE is reacting to Life instead of protecting his energy, providing for his family, and pushing himself to be 1% better every day.

Every day, protect, provide, and push, and that will keep your EDGE sharp.

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