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One of the harsh realities for a health coach in private practice is

One of the harsh realities for a health coach in private practice is

You are in sales.

Whether you like it or not.

(And most health coaches I've ever talked to fall squarely into the latter camp.)

Because even if your phone is ringing off the hook

It will only matter if you know how to conduct the best, most effective phone consults possible.

How you handle this process is seriously critical.

It can mean the difference between a person receiving your life-changing help.

Or them continuing their quest – and possibly never finding a health coach anywhere near as skillful and compassionate as you are.

So, of ALL the places to focus on improving within your practice, your handling of the initial phone consult is easily one of the most important.

It's why having a proven, tried-and-true phone script is such a popular "A-HA!" moment for the health coaches we work with.

From those just getting started

Like Cat Smith, PsyD in Brooklyn:

  • "I just scheduled my first client with the script, and it was so nice to use it!"

  • "I also booked my first 'introductory offer' of four sessions at a discounted rate."

  • "Change is good (and sometimes scary!) But the script made it seem much easier!"

Sara Billingsley, in Austin:

  • "I am LOVING the phone script."

  • "I got two new clients this week and asked them one of the questions I initially felt awkward about."

  • "The answers were so interesting and gave a lot of insight into what they want. Never would have asked this question on my own!"

Carolyn, a marriage therapist in Minneapolis:

  • "This SCRIPT has got me just flooding potential clients with feelings!!!"

  • "Things that were just said to me:

  • 'I've got goosebumps; you hit the nail on the head.'

  • 'Okay, I don't care that you don't take insurance anymore; I have to work with you.'

  • 'I'm so freakin' glad I talked to you.'"

  • "It's so good!!!"

And Ruth, an LMHC in Dallas:

  • "The script works...converted a 'Do you take insurance?' call into a full pay client...the script works!!"

To those seeing results over & over

Like Laura Clay, LCPC in Chicago:

  • "I started with five clients weekly and quickly got to 25."

  • "I now have a bustling group practice with three associate therapists, and we're hiring even more as we speak."

  • "The script just flows once you use it regularly."

  • "I ended up integrating it into my Simple Practice intake questions."

And Alexa, a marriage & family therapist in San Diego, is so excited she's using ALL CAPS:


  • "I GOT 7 (out of 8 inquiries) NEW CLIENTS THIS WEEK!!!!!!!"

  • "ALL at FULL fee!!!!!"



Health Coaches across the country are filled with excitement as they watch their practices grow and thrive.

Not only are they inundated with calls from potential clients

But they're guiding these calls with confidence.

If you'd like to learn how to convert more of your consultations into clients,

– Kirk

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