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One year ago today, Grace had precisely one client.

One year ago today, Grace had precisely one client.

"To be honest, I felt stuck. I had been working at the agency for a few years and treating my private practice as a side hustle, for lack of a better term."

The problem was that Grace had invested too much time in education, internships, and supervision for a "side hustle."

"My partner and I had just moved to a new area, and I was terrified. I didn't want to leave a steady paycheck, but I knew I wasn't fulfilled with my work and could do so much more."

After doing her due diligence, Grace reached out for help.

"I started with a few books and even did some online courses for growing a private practice, but it was all the same stuff I had already tried. Just network more, get some brochures out there, do some SEO for your website, and hope for referrals."

Instead of repeating the same outdated tactics repeatedly, Grace reached out and learned a better way.

One year later, her practice is thriving.

Here there's what she asked me this morning:

"Hi,! I'm curious about what to do with Psychology Today when my practice is full. I've noticed some therapists I know put a header at the top of their profile stating ''Currently full. Not accepting new clients at this time.'' What do you suggest?"

As I gave her my suggestion, I asked how her numbers were looking compared to when we started:

"I just had my biggest week! I scheduled 28 clients, and 25 are paying my full fee."

Grace is now living out her dream and enjoying freedom and fulfillment.

She's joined by hundreds of therapists across the country who have also seen dramatic results.

Like beth Smith in Thousand Oaks, CA, who left her agency job and is averaging 25-30 self-pay sessions per week.

Like Jim Smith, LMFT, who went from dabbling with her private practice on the side to being complete with private pay clients.