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Quick story about the three principles you MUST grasp for your health to become "easy" as a father.

Hey Warrior,

Quick story about the three principles you MUST grasp for your health to become "easy" as a father.

Yesterday, I had a call with a prospect who asked me an interesting question.

It's a question that comes up often.

But our company helps dads get healthy, become better fathers, and lead by example.

And when you have a highly effective process like ours, guys get curious, and they deserve to know exactly how we do it.

So I started to break things down for him, and I could immediately tell he was all in.

I spoke to him like the man that he is and told him the truth he needed to hear.

This guy is 100 lbs overweight with two kids and desperately needs to change.

So I shared these three principles with him:

1. It's not about surface-level fad diets, replacement shakes, or celebrity workouts.

We already know what works and don't need to reinvent the wheel.

It's about being brutally honest with yourself, eliminating excuses, and creating non-negotiable priorities.

2. Your identity as a man must change, and you will become a "different" person.

A man with a new set of priorities fully aligned with the person you know you're capable of becoming."

3. From now on, you must make yourself the top priority so everyone gets the BEST version of you, not the 3rd, 4th, or 8th best version.

You're used to making everyone else a priority and ignoring your own needs, which caught up with you—time to change that.

These ^^^ are all concepts that most fathers who are overweight struggle with.

I see this stuff every single day, and most of these men are focused on the next:

• fad diet

• fancy workout

• juice cleanse or detox

• replacement shake or starvation plan

Stop focusing on the surface-level nonsense and shift your focus to the absolute truth.

Because the truth is, you need to realign your priorities, manage your time better and stop making excuses.

Get better today


PS: if you're ready to put the excuses in the distant past and start living the life you deserve, text the word READY to (323) 471-7279 and let's thoroughly discuss how we may be able to help you

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