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Results are never instant!

Should you do 75 hard?

Well, let’s see

It depends on your goals, I suppose

If your goal is to do a lot of complicated stuff for 75 days, to prove to yourself you’re not a total pussy cat, then sure, I guess

On the other hand

If you’re looking to produce specific health and fitness results, for example:

  • Losing a particular amount of fat

  • Gaining muscle

  • Getting 6-pack lean

  • Etcetera

Then, in my opinion, you definitely should not do 75 hard.

And there are many reasons for this.

First of all, it’s 75 days.

If you do something to produce specific results, by default, as soon as you stop doing it, the results will go away.

Sure, you could keep going after the 75 days, but that leads to the following reason 75 hard is probably a stupid idea.

Most of the rules are unnecessary (again, unless you’re just trying to do lots of hard stuff to prove to yourself you’re not a pussy cat).

Rule number one is to follow a diet, no cheats, no alcohol.

Here’s the thing about that.

If you eat food, you’re on a diet.

The only difference between someone who says they’re “following a diet” and someone who says they’re not is the person who says they’re “following” a diet is in control of their diet, and the person who’s “not following a diet” is not in control of their diet.

And the “no cheats” part.

If you’re smart about your diet, there’s no need to cheat.

With the proper knowledge of calorie and macronutrient balance, you can fit whatever foods you want into your diet without it having to be “cheating.”

And the same goes for alcohol.

Rule number two is to do two 45-minute workouts per day, and one has to be outside.

Again, great if you’re trying to do complex stuff.

Friend, If your goal is to get as lean and muscular as possible, training twice daily with one session outside has no added benefits.

Just do one 45-90 minute session, 4-5 times per week.

And don’t stop after 75 days

You won’t feel the need.

Rule number three is to drink a gallon of water per day.

This isn’t even hard.

Drink only water and calorie complimentary beverages, and you’ll quickly drink 3-5L of water daily without even having to think about it.

Rule number four is to read ten pages of nonfiction every day.

Again, not even hard.

Find something you want to learn, buy a book about it, leave it at your bedside table, and read ten pages every night before bed.

Rule number five is to take progress pictures every day.


Even if you’re progressing physically at the fastest possible rate, you’re not going to see changes daily.

Just take progress photos once a week.

And don’t stop after 75 days.

I get it.

75 hard is a mental toughness challenge.

So if you feel it’s necessary to prove that you can do something hard, and you understand that’s the main benefit of 75 complexes, go for it.

Friend, However, if your goal is to get into peak shape

As lean, muscular, and healthy as possible.

And make it a sustainable lifestyle, so the results are permanent and easy to maintain.

Then 75 hard isn’t the answer.

If you want permanent results, you must commit to changing FOR GOOD.

It’s still going to be complicated.

But it doesn’t need to be so hard that you need a break after 75 days.

Because if you need a break, the results won’t be permanent.

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