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She screamed as she threw the shoes across the room.

She screamed as she threw the shoes across the room.

Tears ran down her precious little face.

I had tried everything to get my child to put on shoes.

You know, like she did THE WEEK BEFORE.

But she didn't have it.

She was under two years old, and I had never faced a stronger opponent!

Now, before you ask, NOTHING has happened. There wasn't some weird shoe trauma.

Friend, She woke up one morning and decided she never wanted to put shoes on her feet. Ever again.

So, after exhausting both of us, I picked up a book. I knew reading would help her relax.

The book was Cinderella. Could it have been more perfect?

You see, Cinderella was my favorite book when I was a kid.

The part where her fairy godmother showed up and gave her a peek at what her life could be was inspiring.

It made me believe in magic. In possibility.

Plus, her name was very similar to mine, so if it could happen to her, I thought it could happen to me!

Cinderella tasted the good life, but the problem was it all went away at midnight.

Luckily, that prince was a very persistent fellow, and it all worked out for her, but let her story serve as a cautionary tale.

You've thought about how good your life could be. How juicy. How alive!

If you know deep down that something inside of you wants more

If you're going to enjoy more meaning in the work you do

If you're going to make more money and enjoy the freedom that comes with it

The time is NOW.

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