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Some majorly successful Facebook group hosts shut down their groups overnight a few years ago.

Hey Warrior,

Some majorly successful Facebook group hosts shut down their groups overnight a few years ago. They were gone just like that. Poof!

Like sheep, everyone followed.

People panicked.

Struggling entrepreneurs figured these well-known hosts were onto something they didn’t know about, as though there was a secret meeting passing out a memo only to a select few leaders.

Without question, they followed suit.

As this happened, those who stayed in the game doubled down on their group.

And those who saw the opportunity popped open a new group and caught a flood of stranded souls looking for a new community to hang out and call home.

While those who shut down their groups waited for the next trend to follow with bated breath to eventually figure out what to do next, this cost them big time.

They lost followers.

They lost sales.

They lost trust in themselves.

Those struggling entrepreneurs who leaped from fad to fad, idea to idea, either quit or are still finding themselves on the struggle bus, still searching for someone to lead the way and tell them what to do.

They’re still proving to the world they can do it, but deep down inside, they’ve lost all faith, and that lit-up dream they once had to lead a global movement has crumbled into a pile of ash.

What happened next was eye-opening.

Industry leaders who had never had a Facebook group before saw massive opportunities.

Leaders saw opportunities in every challenge.

Leaders paved the way for possibility while others shrunk and faded into the herd.

Leaders set trends

Industry leaders like

Tony Robbins

Pete Vargas

James Wedmore

Shanda Sumpter

Selena Soo

Each of them knew something that most people forgot about.

Algorithms can change, But two things will never change.

Human desire will never change.

Humans will always desire to be seen, heard, and have a sense of belonging in a community.

Sales principles will never change.

Humans will always be inspired to buy from a perceived authority after a build of anticipation when they see undeniable social proof for something that works for people like them.

And these leaders knew that an engaged Facebook group would be the best place online to create experiences that feed human desire and demonstrate practical sales principles.

They nailed it!

Before long, record-breaking launches and sales numbers were blasting across the internet.

Successful entrepreneurs spot the opportunity where others follow and hear.

If you’re ready to lead and spot an opportunity in your business while others spin in frustration, join me for the Warrior, Engage your Group Training Series.

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