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Stop making excuses

Warrior, If you're looking to grow your audience online so you can make an income as a creator, you'll want to develop consistency before anything else.

Having made content online for over fourteen years, I haven't always been consistent, but I've not quit.

This has helped me gather a ton of lessons, and I'll share a few here:

1. Warrior, Get over your fear of 'overdoing it.'

Warrior, A quiet voice tells us: 'don't do too much, you'll rock the boat,' 'be careful, you don't want to intrude on other individuals.'

Get stuffed,

We have one life.

We need to let go of the fear of annoying some people. It's inevitable, but so is your genius.

We are composed of the same creative energy that holds the moon in place. Why would you hold back?

Do more.

2. Think prolific abundance, not 'quality.'

You sweat over your work and ultimately fail to ship because you make each piece a big deal.

Focus on producing hundreds of items; the frightening significance is drained from any one thing.

Aim for 90% perfect, ship, and move on. Your' 90%' will improve the more you publish.

3. Make commitments in blood.

Inconsistent people don't commit.

And if they have, they don't follow through because it was never a commitment that had pain attached to its non-fulfillment.

You need to make firmer agreements and ensure that missing a day represents some personal pain, whether telling the bad news to your coach or accountability partner, losing money on the line, or not receiving that reward.

4. Be a relentless freak.

After a while, most people stop being consistent because they begin to judge themselves as 'weird.'

You're consistent precisely because you aren't normal. Embrace your freakery.

Little good happens when you try to be like everyone else.

5. Forget your feelings.

Too many of us take our feelings too seriously.

So we get up one morning, feel 'flat,' and use that as a viable reason not to sit down to write.

Don't make me laugh, num nuts. Your feelings do not matter.

The relentless winners have made peace with discomfort and use the work as a mood-raising tool.

6. Be boring.

Consistency rarely looks exciting.

You may see the insane creative output.

I see this:

  • Keeping things simple.

  • Avoiding junk.

  • Going to bed early.

  • Showing up daily regardless of how it feels.

7. Nothing short of remarkable.

It's not worth working on consistently if your building isn't remarkable and never-before-seen.

Forget 'perfect,' but seek to create brilliance over time - know what that looks like in your mind - and you will find it challenging to stay in bed in the morning.

8. Set non-negotiables first.

You're not consistent because you're allowing external crap to squeeze its way into your life.

Be selfish and set boundaries around what matters to you first.

Daily exercise and writing your novel don't come after replying to that insipid email from Mike.

You come first.

Set non-negotiable time blocks, so you have space to create what the world needs.

Stop finding reasons to hide.

Stop making excuses.

Your magic is multiplied when you show up daily.

We're waiting for your brilliance.

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