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Stopping Tier Kickers: Strategies for Protecting Crowdfunding Campaigns

Title: Stopping Tier Kickers: Strategies for Protecting Crowdfunding Campaigns

Subtitle: Safeguard your crowdfunding projects from the Troublemakers


In the world of crowdfunding, tier kickers are individuals who make significant contributions to a project only to withdraw their support later, often intending to disrupt and harm the campaign. This can result in losing the project creator's funds, trust, and credibility. This article will explore strategies to prevent tier kickers from wreaking havoc on your crowdfunding campaign.

  1. Set a limit on pledge modifications.

One way to deter tier kickers is to limit the number of times a backer can modify their pledge during the campaign. Most crowdfunding platforms, such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo, allow you to set such limits. By restricting pledge changes, you can minimize the possibility of backers intentionally disrupting your campaign by repeatedly changing their contributions.

  1. Offer non-refundable rewards

Offering rewards or perks that are non-refundable can deter tier kickers by making it less appealing for them to withdraw their support. For instance, you could provide digital downloads or access to exclusive content, which cannot be reclaimed once distributed. Doing this creates a disincentive for potential troublemakers to participate in your campaign.

  1. Verify backers' identities.

Consider implementing a verification process for backers to prevent anonymous tier kickers from undermining your campaign. Require them to provide a valid email address and confirm it before they can pledge. This adds an extra layer of security and discourages individuals looking to exploit crowdfunding platforms for their malicious intentions.

  1. Monitor suspicious activity

Monitoring your campaign for unusual activity is crucial in detecting and preventing tire kickers. Monitor backers who change their pledges frequently, make substantial contributions, or display suspicious behavior. Reach out to these individuals to ascertain their intentions, and if necessary, take appropriate action, such as refunding their pledge and removing them from your campaign.

  1. Foster a supportive community.

Building a solid and supportive community around your project can be a natural deterrent for tire kickers. Encourage backers to actively participate in discussions, updates, and social media interactions. A strong community can dissuade potential troublemakers, who may fear being outed and ostracized by the group.

  1. Communicate with transparency

Maintaining open lines of communication with your backers is essential in preventing tire kicking. Share regular updates on your project's progress, address concerns, and keep your backers informed about any changes. When backers feel informed and engaged, they are more likely to support your campaign and report any suspicious activity.


Dealing with tier kickers can be challenging, but implementing the strategies discussed in this article can minimize their impact on your crowdfunding campaign. Remember that fostering a supportive community, maintaining transparency, and monitoring suspicious behavior are crucial aspects of a successful crowdfunding project. By staying vigilant and proactive, you can protect your campaign from tier kickers and ensure its success.

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