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The biggest question about Facebook Groups is, "How do I get more engagement?"

Hey Friend,

The biggest question about Facebook Groups is, "How do I get more engagement?"

And here's how I answer this question:

Engagement comes when people are excited to be there. That means they're getting answers to their burning questions, feeling heard, seen, and supported, and clarity on their next steps.

But engagement only happens when people feel safe, comfortable and like they belong.

Your members are worried about being judged, question if they have a good enough question to ask, and wonder if anybody notices them anyway.

My Friend, It's up to you to set the stage and make it easy to break the ice for your group members AND lead them...

Ask simple questions

Tag and acknowledge members

Engage with their posts

Recognize those who show up

Build anticipation for your offers

Easy, right? Super bright too, no?

I know what you are thinking now. What else can I do to get the same results forever and always?

While making sales without sounding spammy.

Are you instead of leading with love, service, and leadership?

I am hosting the Engage Your Group Training Series, and here's why you should come:

If your existing Facebook Group hasn't taken off like you'd expected and you're struggling to get clients from it

If you've been wanting to start a Facebook Group but don't want to waste endless hours figuring things out

Or if you have a Facebook group, but it's a ghost town, and you've had enough (*sigh* eye roll) with being the only one posting.

There is a better way!

I'm going to show you how.

In training, you will discover.

Friend, Set the stage for a highly engaged community filled with 1000's Ideal Clients

My exact steps to grow my Facebook group of 2500+ members in 3 months

How to use your Facebook group to fill your upcoming programs with ease

Friend, I am sharing some of my best tips with nothing held back, all at zero cost to you!

Imagine... 90 days from now, hosting your buzzing community ready to hear YOUR offer.

Join the Engage Your Group Training Series.

After all, do Whaddaya have to lose? ;)



P.S: Get your first-class ticket to a profitable and highly engaged Facebook Group.

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