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the EXACT pieces you're missing

the EXACT pieces you're missing

You know what's crazy

Last year felt like yesterday.

And this year feels just about as wild as the waves we surfed last year!

Like the other day, I was working on a little puzzle with my five y.o. Son, and discovered about 1/2 the pieces were missing nooooo!

I think everyone would agree with you and me that not only does LIFE sometimes feel like a PUZZLE that was just dumped out all over the floor...

But also, pieces are missing or don't even fit.

Career, family, health.

Not to mention just feeling good, looking good, and moving good.

Hugely important--even vital.

On a biological level. And on an emotional level. Know what I'm saying?

And often, puzzle pieces in one area feel like they're way more significant than pieces in the other areas, and then you're sitting there mashing pieces together, forcing them to fit.

And we are destroying them in the process.

I see it all the time in people "working out," wrenching their connective tissue, smashing their joints like a kid stomping on a sand castle.

Now, when it comes to building your best health, strength, and physique

A MUST-HAVE in order for success in all those other areas of life...

And sustaining a robust and athletic body for life.

Or the Basics of Powerbatics (and human movement--quite frankly): the Press Handstand, V Stand, and Muscle Up

There are really only two options:

1. Find the missing pieces of the puzzle.

This is precisely what I mean by a Team of Coaches showing you your blind spots and teaching you how to fix your weak links (and yes, everyone has them).

2. Start fresh with a new puzzle.

Well this is what we did with my son's puzzle. He hates throwing things away or starting over, so we had to talk that through.

Just empty the cup that's overflowing like a Chinese take-out container with 13 mismatched heapings of food, MSG, and soy sauce leaking out the side...

And begin again.

Start filling an empty cup with EXACTLY what you need to build the body, mind, and strength of a lifetime.

Here's the CATCH.

In a very few short days, this year will already be 50% over.

I've watched people wait for weeks that add up to months and then years to fix these things and achieve their goals.

And by that time, the work gets more difficult--like endlessly hunting for random puzzle pieces.

So I'm giving you a BRAND NEW PUZZLE right now.

Plus an incentive to start TODAY.

And I and the Team will show you exactly where every piece fits together.


And then we'll help you build your Mastery of your Total Body with ABSOLUTELY CLARITY using Total Workout Pro...before yet another year rolls by.


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