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The fitness coaching industry was born out of people's need to feel good.

Hey -

We need to talk.

The fitness coaching industry was born out of people's need to feel good, look better, and get healthy.

So, naturally, a lot of coaches feel this way:

It's not about the money; it's about helping people.

Or you might have heard something like:

The money isn't essential.

My rebuttal: Right. So, what do you want to do then? If you could do anything? What would make you happy?


- travel

- give to charity

- help my family

- the freedom to do anything

- help others without enough

- build homes for people without them

Me: All these things take $


Listen, at the end of the day, money buys experiences.

And while we're alive, that's all life is a chain of experiences.

Do you want to limit what those experiences can be for you and your family because of some green paper?

No, of course not.

Permit yourself to value making more money AND helping more people.

We can do both.

So, write your goals down.

Understand that meeting them takes.

And write your money plan down, too.

Create a map for how you will make the amount you need to hit your goals AND help more people.

Thinking your goals and dreams will come true without prioritizing makes no sense.

Make it a priority now so that it never limits you again.

I hope this helped.

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