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At least the way we know it, have.

Currently, most people (general public and fitness professionals alike) believe fitness is to change how their body looks, whether losing weight or getting a hot body.

However, the general public is starting to get tired of being fed the narrative that they must achieve a specific "body ideal." They recognize that their value and worth aren't tied up in their appearance and that a hot body isn't the secret to lasting health and happiness.

We're with them. And you should be too! Because when you try to market your classes as a means to "get a better body," it makes it hard to run your business:

• It puts a ton of pressure on your clients. Did you know nearly 20% of people are too intimidated to go work out? These people feel they have to be fit before joining a class. TL;DR: it makes it harder to get new clients.

• Your clients likely won't stick around. Why? If they feel like they're not seeing measurable or visual physical results, they'll feel defeated and drop off, perhaps due to shame, maybe disappointment. You don't get a lot of control over whether or not that happens, and that's not a good position to be in

• And then, of course, it reinforces the narrative that bodies are supposed to look a certain way, which may be unattainable for some people, unrealistic for some, and downright unhealthy for others.

• That's not even to mention that when you market your workouts, you compete with everyone else that offers the same workout- or even a similar one which is not a good situation to be in!

That's why we believe that THE FUTURE OF FITNESS IS EXPERIENCE. And we're here to guide you into the new era of the fitness industry.

For more people to exercise, they have to see that the purpose of exercise has less to do with what they look like and everything to do with how they feel about themselves- through the experience you provide them.

We want to see your clients begin to associate fitness with the unique feelings you get from consistently moving your body. The emotions that lead to testimonials like:

My Friend, "I feel so much more confident in myself. I asked for a raise and got it," or

"I finally left a toxic relationship," or "I can finally lift my grandkids without pain," or

"I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you."

You know, feelings that make people want to keep coming back.

YOU ARE INCREDIBLY UNIQUE! There are reasons WHY you value fitness and movement so much. They're likely based on how fitness changed YOUR life and what it does for you- and only one of you has had that experience… share it with the world!

You also have unique beliefs about what fitness can do to improve someone's life. These rarely have anything to do with body transformation and everything to do with things like confidence, self-empowerment, inner strength, determination, and drive.

We need more people like you in the industry that aren't trying to sculpt bodies or even sell classes!

We want to see you share why you believe you can help improve people's lives and why your classes are the perfect vehicle to accomplish that.

My Friend, OUR purpose is to help you find YOURS

AND also make your career dreams a reality.

We've applied years of experience as international master instructors and business consultants to help create resources that will help you accomplish this quickly and confidently.


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