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“The leads are garbage.”

“The leads are garbage.”

^ Says the sales team

“You call the leads once and fold,” said the big retainer agency.

“Where are the results?” You go.

“Where’s my bag?” says Mike.

Don’t you hate the lack of accountability in this industry?

Marketing blames sales. Sales blame marketing.

No one wants to own up its part.

Which’s why business builders RAVE about our TikTok Ads + SDR System.

It’s a nose-to-tail sales & marketing system — where we help you leverage TikTok’s underprice attention and place you with a vetted/trained setter to squeeze every penny out of your pipeline.

We help you get results. Or we help you get results. No gray area here.

You (or ads guy) get trained by our CMO (who has been getting a 6x ROAS consistently), so you can double your call volume— and reach people that spend like sailors on leave.

All while our setter is doing all the heavy lifting in the back, calling, nurturing, and mind prepping these leads to be sold — so you or your closer can get the nearest to a lay-down-sale type of lead on your calendar.

Everything is under one umbrella, so there are no gaps for finger-pointing.

No more marketing blaming sales. Or sales are complaining about leads.

We shoulder all the responsibility. And the risk.

You get THE results and all the upside.

If you haven’t heard, take us on this offer, and we’ll double your current ROAS in 90 days, or you don’t pay.

Do you want to learn more?

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