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The only way to win the battle is to know your enemy.

My Friend, The only way to win the battle is to know your enemy.

In life, there are external enemies and internal enemies.

The problem is that we spend all of our energy fighting external enemies.

We fight the battles in the outside world, but the inside enemy is your most significant threat.

Every day, you have to fight the enemy of scarcity.

the enemy of fear,

of anxiety, doubt, shame, and regret.

Every day, your biggest enemy is the little voice inside of you whispering that you aren't enough.

Every day, you must fight that battle and overwhelm that voice with the voice of faith.

Using consistency




Every tool you have to defeat that enemy every day.

You have to fight this war every day. Just because you won the battle today doesn't mean you're guaranteed to win the fight tomorrow.

Tomorrow, that voice is coming back, and he's stronger.

That's why you must, in turn, get stronger every day.

To win the war!

Because your outside world is a reflection of your inside world.

The difference between a peasant and a king is that a peasant thinks he's won because he wins the battle one day.

The king knows that being a badass one day, month, or even year doesn't mean you have the edge. The Vision is something that you have to sharpen every day.

You may lose a battle, but you will always win the war if you have certainty, purpose, and faith.

No matter how many enemies come your way, you will level the fuck up and lead.

To do that, you have to double down on building certainty.

…On building discipline.

…On building faith to surrender to the process.

This is the time of year that leaders are planning to start 2023 strong.

A peasant makes a New Year's Resolution on January 1st. A KING is always thinking ahead.

Instead of spending money this holiday season, invest in yourself. You will get a more significant ROI when you invest in yourself.

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