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The rockstar interactive one

Hey friend,

When you're in someone else's Facebook Group, are you usually

  1. The rockstar interactive one - commenting on every post and showing your support for the group host?

  2. Or are you the lurker - not commenting or liking, just reading what other people are responding to?

Chances are, you're a little bit of both.

It depends on the content that you are interacting with. Plus, it depends on what the group is about!

If the group is related to something you are passionate about, you will scroll through the group for hours to gain new knowledge, connect with other like-minded people, and stay engaged throughout your time there.

However, if the group is a random join that you have been a part of since 2012, you probably lurk if it even pops up on your timeline.

The thing is, most people who are struggling with engagement in their groups are not posting meaningful content.

Now, I'm not saying that asking fun questions is not helpful. In fact - I encourage them as engagement boosters. However, you also want to be engaged in meaningful conversations with your people. And you do that by speaking their language.

So often, group hosts will share content that they think is beneficial but are not the content their audience wants.

Friend, There are several reasons why someone would choose to engage instead of lurk:

  1. Value of the group container - how does the group make you feel? Is it a safe space to share your thoughts openly and get valuable advice?

  2. Value of the content - does it promote meaningful conversations? Is there a Call-To-Action to respond? Is it easy to engage in conversation?

  3. Value of the investment - was there a buy-in to be inside the group? This can be a monetary investment or if they signed up for a class hosted inside the group.

So if you're not seeing people engage within your group, think about the content you're posting and see how you can promote meaningful conversation!

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