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The Warrior Experience Weekly Newsletter12/4 - 12/10

The Warrior Experience Weekly Newsletter

12/4 - 12/10

Hey Friend, we hope you had a relaxing weekend!

Now it's time to prepare for an intense week ahead.

So let's look at what we've got going on this week at The Warrior Experience.

My friend, first, I want to remind you how much we appreciate your support of our mission and helping us spread our message.

If you ever need help or have any questions about how we can help you, please text us anytime @ (323) 471-7279 - we respond to every message.


Quote For The Week:

"If your goals don't inspire you daily, you need a new set of goals."

- Damien Thomas


Tip For The Week Ahead:

Remember - it's the HOLIDAYS, not a Holi-MONTH or a Holi-QUARTER!

Don't let a month or more of bad choices put you further behind your goals. The holidays will fly by, and you'll regret it!


Weekly Class Schedule: (All classes are hosted Tuesdays on Zoom - class recordings can be found in the replay vault in your member training platform):

The Warrior: Mental Health & Staying Sharp During Holidays

Fit Warrior Accelerator (Gold Members): Nutrition Success during holidays with Q&A


Sneak Peek into The Warrior

The Warrior is our elite-level service and covers every aspect of a Warrior's life - Fitness, Family, Finance & Freedom (Optimal Health, Peak Fitness, Sustainable Weight Loss, Growth & Personal Development) - learn more by tapping the link toward the bottom of this post.


Seeing our members win in EVERY area of life is what fuels our fire as a team!

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