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The Warrior Sales 5-Step Process will work no matter what you’ve been taught or currently learning.

The Warrior Sales 5-Step Process will work no matter what you’ve been taught or currently learning.

In Warrior Sales, you will learn sales psychology - the step-by-step selling strategy I learned by selling mops in Walmart and all kinds of life coaching packages.

You can learn this Process whether you are super WOO or super scientific.

You can learn this if you use moon patterns or complex data.

It doesn’t matter. Selling humans on themselves stays the same.

The Model (the TOOL I give you to help you manage your brain while you do the selling) has been the cleanest way for me to see my brain and grow my awareness of how I am creating results in the world. It’s the best at keeping the crazy human attachment that I get from the word YES out of sales conversations.

NONE of this will contradict what you have studied with your coaching school or the business program that you are currently in.

We are all teaching from the same universal truths - period.

Sometimes we think someone is saying something that is the OPPOSITE of what we have been taught, but this is only because we often misunderstand what is being taught. We aren’t seeing harmony, sameness, or the heart of the message.

But if it does contradict for any reason, then it doesn’t mean that you need to be confused or that it’s wrong.

We often think we cannot and should not ever learn opposites. “I have to make a hard offer directly to a human and hear the word yes or no,” OR “I should not ask someone directly to work with me.”

I’ve personally done both. Both have served my clients in various circumstances and me.

Although I teach a process with people reaching out to YOU and asking YOU to buy, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t experiment. I have a client who made $30,000 by calling someone up and making them an offer. I had personally made close to $200,000 in direct offers when the time was right, and I was totally in service. When I see a star student make a lot of Money in Warrior Sales with my Process, I tell them that they should get their booties in the 200k Mastermind. Why wouldn’t I?!

Neither is right. Neither is wrong. They are both what you DO. What you want to be concerned about is what you think the motivation behind your decision is and how you feel while doing it.

Confusion is optional. It’s optional to say, “Well, I just don’t know what to do!”

What you WANT to do is have different selling methods and make offers to pull from. Like a doctor who has a lot of medicines and therapies to try, it will never hurt you to have options for how to approach selling, making offers, and making Money.

The Consultation Code will teach you the method I learned that had people throwing money at me in Walmart and paying me $30k for coaching packages.

The Warrior Sales Process will teach you to meet people, make offers, run a consultation, and overcome objections.

Making Money with the Model will keep your mind calm and focused while working on your goal.

None of it will constrict, confuse, or compromise your Process or current learning.

It works for everyone, with every background.

Here is how I know:

Warrior Sales now has coaches (who are making Money) representing over 100 different coaching schools, training backgrounds, colleges, and degrees.

Warrior Sales also has coaches (making Money) who have no formal training. I call these my school of hard-knocking coaches - the coaches with “street cred.” They learned by doing the 2k Process, getting coached, coaching themselves, and through their self-transformation.

So What if it all works?

You’d have to let go of the unique snowflake syndrome, drop the BS, and work making Money.

Whether you’re ICF certified, LCS certified, Coach U, John C Maxwell, Martha Beck, or in the middle of figuring it all out for yourself… You can make Money in Warrior Sales.

And today, when you sign up HERE, I will send you my students’ two favorite resources.

Making Money with the Model Workbook and The Consultation Code.

All for those willing to stop being “special” and start being an EXAMPLE.

Sign up before the timer ends to get your printed edition copies mailed to you anywhere in the world.

Click here to join us - all 4,000+ of us from different schools, backgrounds, education, income levels, races, ethnicities, and genders.

We are ALL life coaches… who make Money.

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