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The why and the HOW of going it alone without BEING alone.

The why and the HOW of going it alone without BEING alone.

Knowing how to act on your best instincts - even when you're the only one - is a sacred skill.

You have to identify yourself as a person who does the things that a successful business owner does if you want to have a successful business. The way you spend your time and energy is different from non-entrepreneurs.

Everyone would have done it if it were convenient, easy, or intuitive to build a successful business.

So let's talk first about intentional design.

It is to identify, recognize, and decide what you want from your life and your business. Don't let the current determine you.

After the intentional design, we need to talk about boundaries.

Setting boundaries means defining the borders between you and the forces around you. Protect your time and energy, so your environment has less influence than your intention.

Lastly, avoid vibe-sucking conversations.

Friend, It would help if you did not allow complaining, blaming, shaming, justifying, or second-guessing in your conversations. This will enable you to move forward faster, with higher efficiency and effectiveness.

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