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There are three types of buyers in your pipeline at any given time.

Hey Warrior!

There are three types of buyers in your pipeline at any given time.

the ones who are ready to buy from you RIGHT NOW;

the ones who will be prepared to purchase from you soon need to go through their process first, and

those who need to marinate for a while in your secret sauce.

And while finding new clients now is always the goal, a sale today can come from any of those three types of buyers.

Which is where a lot of us get turned around. We focus so hard on the ones ready to buy right now we neglect to keep the ones that need to marinate covered in sauce.

Here's some math :

Let's say you have an audience of 200 perfect future buyers.

Statistics show that if you put a message and offer that resonates in front of them, 2% - 5% will buy right now.

Any business coach worth their salt can help you get four sales now (theoretically) by helping you craft a compelling message and offer. That's why you see them bragging about the fantastic results they are getting for their new clients.

But what about the other 196 perfect future buyers still in your audience?? When you need a strategy for helping them through the buying process, they are left out twisting in the wind. They still have the problem you solve - that's why they are in your audience, to begin with! Eventually, they are going to buy from someone.

Meanwhile, here you are, with 196 perfect future buyers in your orbit, but you think your only option for making more sales is to build a bigger audience.

What if I told you that successful pros know how to close 4 of those perfect future buyers now, 20 in the next month, and 150 over the next year??

The key is planning and processes, my friends. Make marination part of your business strategy! It's an afterthought for far too many of us.

On Thursday, December 8, I will teach you the daily, weekly, and monthly tasks you MUST build into your calendar to change more lives and live the freedom you want from this business.

It's a free workshop called K.O. (Knockout) in Q1. CLICK HERE to get registered now!

I'm grateful to serve you.


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