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There is a difference between creating value and creating the appearance of success.

Friends, There is a difference between creating value and creating the appearance of success.

When you solve for the appearance of success, you will spend your time on your website, business cards, a beautiful home office, perfectly posed IG photos, and strategies to raise your likes, comments, and follows.

Creating value is much less flashy. It doesn’t give you the dopamine hit of “looking successful.” It might be a Facebook LIVE event from your couch in your apartment. It might look like creating an entire video series in a Super 8 motel. It might look like driving to a networking event with no business cards and an old beater car.

It also looks like putting people and service first.

You do not care as much about how you look, feel, or think.

Spend money on your brain before spending money on your “brand.”

Working from wherever you can, showing up whenever you can, to GIVE perspective and new beliefs to everyone you meet.

They are engaging with the two people following you instead of worrying and complaining that those two people aren’t enough.

Giving value is a lot less sexy. It’s not flashy at all. It requires much work when no one is looking - without instant gratification. You may not “appear” successful.

But you will be.

What do Tony Robbins and I have in common?

We both focused on creating value, not the appearance of success.

Tony would drive his beater to big meetings, park in the back of the lot, and be sweating through his suit before he got to the forum.

I filmed an entire six-week course from a Super 8 motel bed and my laptop, which I later sold to 20 people and made precisely $2,000.

When you build with the appearance of success, you will always have to spend a lot of money to make a lot of money. Your profits will be slim. You will look way more prosperous than you are.

You will spend less to make more money when you build with value. You will understand where to put your money first and how to utilize it best. Your profits will be high. You will look way less wealthy than you are.

Look less rich. BE richer.

Create more value.

Serve more people.

Do it without the website, business cards, and fancy IG graphics.

Do it so you know you can.

So you know those things were never the reason you made money.

So you understand how powerful your brain is and the role it plays in your revenue growth.

So you can have high-profit margins forever.

Happy Friday.

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